KOJEN English Centers
Teaching Methodology
Our History
KOJEN English Language Centers (formerly ELSI Taiwan) was a franchise school of English Language Services (ELS) for twenty years. ELS, the largest intensive English program in the USA with more than 50 locations in America and headquartered in Princeton, New Jersey, provided ELSI Taiwan with strong academic materials and systems.

The first KOJEN (formerly ELSI Taiwan) school opened in July 1982 and the second in 1986. Since this time KOJEN has grown to become the island's premier English language school with over 100,000 students graduating from KOJEN's diverse language programs annually. KOJEN operates more than 35 centers in Taiwan's three largest cities - Taipei, Taichung and Kaohsiung and continues to expand aggressively. We currently have Adult English schools, Japanese schools, Preschools and Children's English schools.

KOJEN is a diverse company delivering a variety of educational programs to different sectors of the community including infants, children, teenagers and adults. We also deliver high quality custom designed business English programs to the corporate sector through our KOJEN ESP [English for Special Purposes] department. We deliver Japanese language training and offer study abroad placement.

KOJEN has developed an Online English Program in response to changes both in Taiwanese society and societies worldwide with related changes in customer expectations and demands. KOJEN has established a strong reputation for delivering high quality language training in the local language education market. In order to retain control of academic quality and protect the KOJEN brand, the founder, Mr. Hou decided not to franchise. All KOJEN centers are managed by KOJEN's experienced management team to ensure a focus on teaching quality and customer service. With a teaching team of hundreds of full-time native speaking and local professional EFL teachers KOJEN is one of the largest providers of English language programs in Taiwan.
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